Event coordination is for the bride who knows what she wants and feels confident selecting her own vendors. An event coordinator and wedding planner are often confused because they have similar roles but differ in the level of planning assistance and affordability. Wedding planners schedule tastings, book vendors, select décor, and in some cases hand disbursement of final payment to vendors. Event coordinators strictly oversee the event setup/takedown, create a timeline, and keep the event on schedule. Essentially, an event coordinator will ensure all your hard work throughout the planning process is properly executed to take the stress off friends and family but without the hefty price tag.


Let’s be real, not everyone wants to pay someone to handle the planning process not only because of limiting budgets but also they simply want to be involved in creating the best day of their lives! Many brides worry they will need to designate someone to setup and takedown the tables, chairs, linens, and flowers. This is where the misconception takes place because they feel a wedding planner is needed for these tasks. In fact, you will find in most cases when you rent these items from companies, they will setup and takedown the items for you. Florists will come in after the linens are in place and setup your centerpieces, and any small candles or decor that have been rented may also be placed out by that company. If these tasks are taken care of, what is left to do on your big day?

This is where event coordination comes into play. An event coordinator will create a timeline for your wedding and ensure everyone stays on schedule so you don’t have to. Too often brides designate this role to a friend or family member and are left disappointed when their big day didn't turn out as planned. Hiring an outside professional will take the stress off you and your friends so your wedding is the memorable experience it is meant to be. You don't want to make your friends or relatives feel like event staff, let them be guests and enjoy for your wedding!

An event coordinator will also ensure all vendors have a copy of the timeline and are in place at the times contracted. They assist in pre-wedding festivities, get bridal party and family members to the ceremony on time, organize and orchestrate the ceremony, gather the family for pictures, and essentially keep the event on schedule per the timeline. This is so important because it truly allows couples to enjoy their wedding without a care in the world. Keep in mind even if your wedding venue has a coordinator on staff they work for the venue, not you!

Do You Need It?

As a professional emcee and disc jockey I bring a unique approach to coordinating. Having experience in the field of music and entertainment gives me an advantage most coordinators don’t have, and that is keeping the entertainment aspect in mind when creating timelines.

I’m sure you’re wondering why the entertainment aspect is so important? During an event, planners and coordinators without my expertise typically step out once dinner is served and the cake has been cut. Their main job is to ensure the wedding stays on schedule without giving thought to if guests are having fun, simply because they’ve never had to consider this very important aspect when creating a timeline. At the end of the day, you are paying for a party. You want your guests stay engaged and enjoy their time because years from now they won’t remember the food or decorations, but simply how much they danced!

Strategically planned timelines are only a small portion of my job. I am also responsible for making all the announcements for your event and keeping the crowd excited and involved by leading group dances. This is a fun tool to get guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor!

Because I am both the coordinator and emcee I am able to work perfectly in unison with the DJ to ensure your event is flawless. Hopefully you can see I am an event coordinator devoted to giving you the wedding of a lifetime!






Rehearsal Package

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There are five coordinating packages to choose from; Rehearsal, Early Arrival, Ceremony, Essential, and Absolute. Each package can be added in addition to any music package. All music packages come with basic event coordination. For example, if you were to choose the standard package, that comes with one audio setup for the reception, I would coordinate and create a timeline at the start of cocktail hour to the end of the reception. This also includes announcements, leading of group dances, coordination with all vendors present, and a copy of the timeline will be sent to event vendors two weeks prior to the wedding. 

This package is for the bride that wants assurance her rehearsal and ceremony will go off without a hitch! It includes a template with a generic layout of a ceremony that can be edited to fit your specific needs. This will be sent out to your officiate two weeks prior to the wedding. I will direct and rehearse the ceremony according to the order created on the template. My presence is helpful because together we can make any necessary changes at that time and ensure everyone is on the same page.

During the rehearsal, I will provide a small speaker to play all songs requested for the ceremony to get the timing perfect as each bridal party member walks to the alter. Bridal party placement at the altar will also be done at this time by using place marks so each member knows exactly where to stand creating a fluid and stress free ceremony!

Together we will construct a seating chart for family members and place cards will be made to put in the ceremony chairs. A ceremony seating chart is so important because ushers need to know where to seat parents and grandparents.

Lastly, I will rehearse the grand entrance (formal introduction before dinner) with the bridal party to ensure they know exactly what to do, what to expect, and where to stand when that time comes.

These crucial components are the key to a perfect, stress free ceremony and rehearsal!


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Brides who like a more hands on form of coordinating often select the early arrival package. Here you will have one on one time with me throughout the whole pre-ceremony process. I will send out a pre-wedding schedule to all vendors in addition to the reception timeline. The pre-wedding schedule begins from the time you wake up and ends the moment you set foot at the aisle. This timeline is so important for your vendors in charge of hair and makeup because they need to know when everyone needs to be ready. I will arrive thirty minutes before hair and makeup begins to make sure they are on route and will arrive on time.

Overseeing the ceremony and reception setup is also included in this package. You will receive updates as vendors arrive and begin setting up. While you are getting ready, you and your family can relax knowing everything is being taken care of!

You will also receive my handy-dandy wedding day survival kit equipped with common things brides forget to bring with them! It has everything from lip gloss, hair spray, deodorant, to perfume, mouthwash and a sewing kit. The basket comes with a post ceremony checklist of things you need to bring with you to the reception.

If having someone on standby to keep stress levels down and everyone on time is a priority, then this package is a necessity!


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Our ceremony music package comes with coordination, but some couples elect to have a string quartet or instrumental band play instead. This package allows brides to receive coordination for the ceremony without having us play music. Here I will I send out a template with a generic layout of a ceremony. You can add specific names and edit the template to suite your specific needs. Two weeks before the wedding I will send a final copy to you and the officiate.

A ceremony timeline with the list of songs played by the band will also be created and sent out two weeks prior to the event.

I will use the final copy of the ceremony order to line bridal party members and family up for the ceremony and tell them when to walk. During this time, I will also cue the music to ensure the timing is perfect for your ceremony. Before the ceremony begins I will make an announcement for guest to be seated and ensure everyone is in place to create a smooth transition.

Lastly, it is my responsibility to distribute flowers to all family and bridal party members. This includes pinning boutonnieres on groomsmen, ushers, fathers, and grandfathers.

Structure in an event is the key to stress free fluidity and this package ensures exactly that!


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If total relaxation on your big day is a must- this is the package for you! It includes both the Rehearsal and Early Arrival packages with a total savings of over $300 when combined with the Elite music package that includes ceremony music and coordination! Essentially its designed to give you the best bang for your buck!

Rest assured you will be able to enjoy your big day knowing everything is covered!


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Calling all brides who want their bases covered! This package includes every aspect of coordinating to ensure your big day is a complete success without a single worry in the world from you or your family and friends.

It includes the Rehearsal Package, Early Arrival Package, and Ceremony Package. It is designed for couples who choose the Standard or Deluxe music package because they do not include ceremony music from us.

By selecting this option, you will receive full coordinating coverage starting on the day of the rehearsal dinner ending the night you and your husband-to-be head off into wedded bliss.

Friends and family will thank you for choosing the Absolute Package because they could enjoy your very special day without chaos or confusion knowing this big task was left up to the professionals!


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